About XinXiu School ShenZhen
The Shenzhen XinXiu School was founded in the September of 1989, which is located at the No.69, the XinXiu Road, Luohu District, Shen Zhen City. It is the first-level full-time public primary school in Guangdong province. The School covers 8,800 m2 and the construction area is 7,340 m2. For now, there are 26 classes and 1,424 students. The average floor area for per student is 5.154 m2, with an average class size of 54.769 students. There are 74 existing staff, including 70 full-time teachers, the teacher-student ratio is 1: 20.343; six full-time teachers possessing the graduate degree, 44 of bachelor's degree, 20 of college education, the teachers’ education compliance rate is 100%, the Teacher Certificate holders rate reaches 100%; there is one high school senior (Deputy High) teacher, and 47 primary school teachers. School teaching facilities are nearly consummate and the campus environment is clean and elegant. There is one athletic track with four circular tracks that are nearly 200 meters (where the six straight tracks have 60 meters). There are two standard basketball courts, and the playground area is 4,000 square meters. There is a science lab, two computer classrooms, three music rooms and an art room. There are 30,933 books in store, books for per students are 21.723. The public fund for per student has been in an increase each year. The school takes it as the school running motto that "reading, being sensible and wise, becoming talents and serving our country". It has established the educational philosophy of "being student-centered and creating the education that is fit for the development of students”, and has formed a "civilized, diligent, pragmatic and innovative" school spirit, "love students, rigorous, good teaching and efficient "teaching style", “hard-working, independent, cooperative, lively "study atmosphere" . “The paper-cut art teaching" and "the ping-pong game" this two projects have just had their characteristics. The school has been rated as "the first-level school in Guangdong Province" , “Shenzhen "Green school", "Garden-style • Green-school", "the Guangdong Province Tennis traditional projects school", "Shenzhen featured calligraphy art school" one after another, and won the Shenzhen City "School Effectiveness Awards", and the teaching quality and operating efficiency have been improved steadily. The XinXiu Primary school is like a rising star and its gleaming glory will get more and more attention from the society. All staff are determined to improve the school education conditions so as to further improve the school management and make efforts to struggle and work hard to build the XinXiu Primary school to be "a fine school".